Kyunet's ActivateTrivia Home Page

#activatetrivia has spent many happy years on Starchat, having moved there in 2003 from Dalnet. Today in 2012 it has been closed down because Starchat has decided it no longer wants people on a vhost connected here. The trivia bot and ^Kyu are both on a vhost that they have used since 2004. Starchat gave ^Kyu the ultimate to change this vhost or be klined. We have been klined from Starchat and the room closed. I have moved the room to to #activatetrivia. No scores have been lost and I hope you all find your way here. #activatetrivia has survived three moves since 1999 and lets hope this one is a keeper. Here are the few Rules of #ActivateTrivia.

1. Please keep the foul language down to a minimum. But bear in mind this is irc. Its an unmoderated medium and this is a channel for adults.
2. Be courteous and respectful to other players at all times. (no racial slurs in the room, no name calling, insulting, etc..)
3. If someone is trying to help someone correct a typo or mispelling, Please show them a little courtesy by giving the person time to answer. Having said this see rule 4!
4. IMPORTANT: There is no such thing as STEALING an answer. This is a COMPETITION and while it is impolite anyone caught calling another person a THIEF will be banned. It's a GAME folks!
5. NO bickering and moaning. If someone is a faster player... well tough! Also we dont take turns in winning here.. its a...... COMPETITION!!!
6 What goes on in private message between people has nothing to do with activatetrivia. If you are having problems with anyone please type /IGNORE and the nick.